Legal services

Our aim at Laine IP Oy Legal services is to act in a timely manner and even proactively to provide the best service options to our clients. Our legal team actively serves its clients in IPR -related contract matters (in Finnish and in English), the most common of which are licensing agreements, cooperation agreements, non-disclosure agreements, and distribution agreements, as well as ownership and transfer agreements relating to inventions, patents, designs and trademarks.

In addition, our legal services cover a wide range of dispute resolution services, such as conciliation negotiations, supervision services and legal assistance, especially in the Market court.

Laine IP Oy’s lawyers are experts specialising in IP law, Reijo Kokko and Jemina Koskela are licensed legal counsels. In addition, IPR lawyers Tom-Erik Hagelberg and Mark Scott (US legal matters) serve clients in various legal matters.

In particular, we handle disputes related to trademarks and design registrations, and we act as background support for our clients and their agents in patent dispute related matters.

Do not hesitate to contact us for assistance in your upcoming IP legal matters. We will be delighted to provide you with further information and provide the legal services you need.

Your Laine IP Legal Team

Reijo, Jemina, Tom-Erik and Mark