Strengthen your business with IPR expertise

The better your company management, R&D staff and marketing team are on board with IPR topics, the stronger is your position for the successful long-term development of your immaterial assets.

Training – tailored for your needs

We design all our training programs individually for each company and target audience, thus ensuring that the training always meets the current needs of the business. We also take into account the IPR landscape of the entire industry as well as the company’s position in its own market.

IPR consulting – guidance and support for daily routines and decisionmaking

Many of our patent attorneys have prior work experience in diverse industries, so they are well versed in the practical applications of immaterial rights for business, as well as the practical challenges encountered by IPR managers at companies. Our experts can coach and support you in your everyday IPR routines, as well as in more complex decisionmaking situations. Get in touch, and we can find the best way to help you and to strengthen your company’s intellectual property rights in your industry.

In-house IPR expert

We can provide you with a flexibly available patent expert to work as part of your own team. The service can be tailored for your company depending on whether you need IPR support for a specific project, or on a regular basis (for example, a few times per month). Many of our patent attorneys have experience in managing IPR at global industrial companies.

Among other tasks, our IPR experts can help you:

  • Develop your company’s processes for inventions made during employment, IPR management or IPR strategy
  • Train your staff in IPR topics
  • Support your product development projects in safeguarding innovations and avoiding patent infringements
  • Evaluate invention disclosures
  • Organize IPR/patent decision forums and meetings
  • Advise staff in IPR matters and encourage them to file invention disclosures
  • Carry out patent searches
  • Analyze competitor patents